F-5093 Profile Paring Knife


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Blade length: 9.3cm

This is a very useful knife to help with all food preparations, especially peeling regular ingredients such as onions and garlic. The straight edge provides consistency as you remove the skin of fruits and vegetables.

I.O.Shen Mastergrade knives offer one of the most well balanced blade-to-handle weight distribution available in the market. The ergonomics provides the user with an extremely sturdy grip and ideal for long sessions of cutting during mis en place.

The unique Triplex Steel Technology allows the I.O.Shen Mastergrade knives to combine the best of both worlds – the highest Japanese grade steel (62° on the Rockwell scale) known for their extreme sharpness, cladded between 2 layers of soft (European) steel which helps absorb impact and reduce any damage to the blade. This results in the ultimate cutting edge and experience that one can possibly achieve!

The Tai Tang handle distinguishes I.O.Shen Mastergrade Knives from any other knife. It is an essential factor in achieving balance and stability. The weight biased at the handle (as opposed to the blade) makes it less tiring when cutting for long durations. The Tai Tang handle is not just an embellishment but it is actually an integral part of the handle frame (the tang).


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