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The Nirey KE-500 is the latest flagship model of it’s line of electric knife sharpeners with a quieter and more powerful motor. The KE-500 comes with added features including:

  • Angle Guides: Adjustable sharpening slots, sharpen any knives blade angel Max.15° ‐ Min.35°
  • Two different sets of angle guides can be installed on the machine. With different width of the sharpening slots, users can sharpen knives according to your needs. It will is suitable for both home and professional users.
  • The chance of cutting the belts is significantly reduced compared with the KE‐280.
  • There are two debris trays under the machine for easy cleaning.
  • The hand screw is on the upper cover instead of bottom of the machine for convenient  removal of the upper cover.
  • Metal protectors are installed all around the upper cover and body. This prevents the plastic body from damage caused by the sparks during sharpening. Sharpening carbon steel knives is also possible.
  • Improved gear system makes it much more durable compared the KE-280. This extends the life of the machine.


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